2020 Gifts for Teachers & Coaches

By Toms River Macaroni Kid December 3, 2020

What better way to show your favorite Teacher or Coach how much they mean to you than through a thoughtful gift they can use?!

Check out these businesses to see what they offer for that perfect gift!

More coming soon...

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East Coast Escape Room

My Sister’s Jewelry Box 

All Aboard by Jessalyn

Wish Upon a Jar

Hand and Stone Toms River

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Whether you’re going through her closet, her drawers or her jewelry box; she always has the best stuff and finding something you love is like finding treasure.
We opened in 2006 with the help of our parents and family and after a successful first year we opened our sister store My Sister’s Favorite Things next door.
You can find jewelry, accessories, giftware and clothing at affordable prices year round.

My Sister's Jewelry Box offers an assortment of Kids Accessories, Gifts and Clothing. Gift cards are available to purchase.
905 Grand Central Ave, 
Lavallette, New Jersey 08735
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It's a fun, problem-solving experience perfect for exercising your brain and facilitating teamwork using clues, keys, codes, and hands-on tasks! You and your team have 60 minutes to complete the objective and will need to work together in order to succeed. They have 3 unique rooms to play: "The Christmas Exchange", "The Sorcerer’s Chamber ", and "A Vampire's Lair".

Gift cards to East Coast Escape Room make for a fun and exciting gift this holiday season. Give the gift of adventure this holiday season from East Coast Escape Room as seen in Toms River Macaroni Kid 2020 Holiday Gift Guide.

Reservations can be made on our website or by calling 732-864-1200. Make your reservation for The Vampire's Lair before it's gone. The last day to play The Vampire’s Lair is January 3, 2021.

Wish Upon A Jar is a paint-your-own pottery studio located in Point Pleasant, NJ. 

They are available for walk-ins, parties, groups and off-site events. All ages & skill levels welcome! They have NO studio, paint or firing fees... and they are BYOB!

Now available for this holiday gifting season:
Take home ornament kits, holiday hand/footprint plates & platters, holiday painting kits
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Customized cheese boards for any occasion!
Upcoming Events
December 16th, 6-9PM @ Refresh Your Pallet Take a break and come join us for a night of painting, drinking, and munching on some yummy snacks. We have teamed up with Jessalyn from All Aboard to bring you this yummy event. During this class, we will provide you with your choice of Charcuterie board for you to stain, customize, and paint. Afterward, we will give you tips on portioning, teach you how to pick the perfect cheeses, and give you recommendations for pairing different textures/flavors. We will also talk about the importance of seasonal ingredients on your board. Once you learn all you need to know about how to make your perfect charcuterie board, it will be time to let your creative juices flow! You will go home with a mixture of meats and cheeses, pickles/olives, fruits, nuts, and chocolates. We can’t wait to see what you create! We will be limited to 10 seats per event. We expect these tickets to sell out fast. Each person in your party must purchase a ticket to attend. 

Gift Certificates for All Aboard by Jessalyn make the perfect gift for anyone in your life!

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Give the MOST relaxing and memorable gift this year while shopping for yourself at Hand & Stone Toms River. Holiday Gift Card Sale. Spend $150 in spa gift cards receive a FREE massage or facial gift card for yourself!  (For offer rules, click here.)
Our philosophy is a simple one. Because we specialize in the very highest quality massage services at affordable prices, we can make the soothing wonder of the massage experience accessible to more and more people.

That turns a "massage or facial" into that rare breed of products and services; an affordable luxury. And it makes it easier for you to "LOVE THYSELF" as often as your sore, aching, stressed-out mind and body may desire. Proving that top-end spa services aren’t just for the rich and famous anymore, Hand & Stone erases what once was considered a penchant of the affluent by offering services to all levels of consumers.

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