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Empower Program, Spring Enrollment & Birthday Parties

By Soccer Shots, Ocean County March 13, 2024

Inclusive Fun is The Goal for Soccer Shots Ocean County as their 'Empower' Special Needs Program Kick Off this Spring!

As the spring season approaches, Soccer Shots Ocean County is proud to announce the return of its outdoor 'Empower' Special Needs Program. Designed specifically for young children with special needs, this inclusive initiative aims to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for children with differing abilities, ensuring they have the opportunity to experience the joy and benefits of soccer in a safe & tailored environment.

Inclusive Fun for Every Child!

The 'Empower' program goes beyond the traditional soccer experience by embracing the unique abilities & challenges of each child. Our specially trained coaches focus on adapting drills and activities to cater to various needs - fostering a sense of inclusion, confidence, and accomplishment. The program promotes social interaction, motor skill development, and overall well-being in a supportive community setting.

Ocean County Empower Location & Details:

Where: Brick @ Herbertsville Playground

When: Starts Sunday, March 24th at 11:15am

How Long: Ends Sunday, June 9 th

Benefits of Soccer for Special Needs Kids:

1. Enhanced Motor Skills: Soccer encourages the development of fine and gross motor skills, helping children improve coordination and balance.

2. Social Engagement: Team-based activities foster social interaction, communication, and the development of valuable interpersonal skills.

3. Boosted Confidence: Accomplishing soccer skills provides a sense of achievement, boosting self-esteem and confidence in young players.

4. Physical Fitness: Engaging in soccer helps improve cardiovascular health and overall physical fitness.

5. Communication: Our weekly communication with families helps us get to know each child’s unique abilities.

6. Curriculum: Our Special Needs-specific curriculum provides differentiation so that every child’s experience is accommodating to their personal needs.

7. Visuals: Our Special Needs-specific visuals enhance children's understanding of skills, games, and the coaches’ instructions.

March into Empowerment this Spring!

Starting the end of March, Soccer Shots’ 'Empower' Special Needs Spring Program promises a season of learning, teamwork, and fun! Enroll now to be a part of this empowering experience - where EVERY child can shine on the soccer field. *Smaller class sizes mean Space is Limited.

PLEASE REACH OUT TO US if you need help deciding if Empower would be a good fit for your kiddo. We would love to hear their story and direct you to the right session for your child: (609) 651-8141  Enroll Today

Spring Spectacular! What else is Soccer Shots Ocean County Offering this Spring?

*General Spring Enrollment

Don't forget to secure your child's spot in the upcoming spring soccer season!

With16 locations across Ocean County, there is sure to be a convenient destination for you and your busy family schedule! Enroll now to ensure your child doesn't miss out on the excitement, skill-building, and fun that Soccer Shots brings to every session. Enroll Now 

*Birthday Parties

Do you have a soccer-loving kiddo with a birthday coming up?

Let us bring Soccer Shots-themed FUN to your child's next Birthday Party!


* 1 hour of high-energy FUN with Soccer Shots

* 1 Coach for up to 14 children

* Equipment: balls, goals, cones, & pinnies

* Prizes for EVERY child

* Special GIFTS for the Birthday child

Parties can happen at the location of your choice: Indoors or Outdoors!

Our coaches will organize and run a soccer-filled extravaganza, while creating lasting memories for your little athlete and all their friends.

Contact Chelsie for Questions, Details, & Pricing: | 609-651-8141 |