S'mores Pancakes

February 2, 2021

Looking for a new way to bring the joy of s'mores to your dining table? How about these easy S'mores Pancakes? They are a cinch to make, and a lot of fun to serve.  Put a couple of candles in the middle of your breakfast table, and you'll forget you’re not outside camping!  (Well, almost.)

  • Use your favorite pancake recipe to make the batter.
  • Add chocolate chips (semi-sweet or milk chocolate, your choice).
  • When the pancakes are have been flipped and almost done, add one regular-sized marshmallow to the top, so it just starts to melt. Don’t leave it on too long, or it will slip down the side.
  • Layer graham crackers and pancakes.  
  • Add butter, maple syrup, or chocolate syrup as desired.