Note from the Publisher {01/25/21}

I'm Back!

By Melissa Wudzki, Publisher, Toms River Macaroni Kid January 25, 2021

It's January 25th and I know it seems like Toms River Macaroni Kid fell of the face of 2021 - I have Covid to thank for that, but we are back!

My daughter's symptoms started on January 2nd and luckily by the time we got into the doctor's office for her rapid test, 5 days later, the only lingering symptom was her lack of taste. I, unfortunately, was not as lucky. It was a long haul but I'm finally back up and moving around, exactly 3 weeks later. I'm happy to say it seems Covid skipped my husband and son, although they are still quarantined till February 4th. We are all so grateful for all of our friends and family who made countless tips to the grocery store and pharmacy for us, brought us dinner, checked on us daily and even did a drive by for my son's birthday on the 16th.

I'm so happy to be out of my bedroom, out of my bed and sitting at my desk right now. It was a scary 10 days before the clouds parted a little for me and for the second time in my life I have a new appreciation for everything around me.

I'm so happy to share that excitement with all our Macaroni families.  The last week I spent in bed, with my Covid fog finally clearing, I was able to look forward to the next few months. The ideas have been flowing and we are in the process of planning so many amazing things!

💘Cupid My Yard - Our ghost wranglers from October gave Cupid my number and he's planning some visits in the Toms River area starting on 2/1.

💘Valentine's Day Card Drive for First Responders & Healthcare Workers

🤸I have gotten numerous emails and messages looking for things to do with your mini-macaronis now that the cold Jersey winter is starting to kick in. We are working on our Winter Activity Guide for you. We were able to get a few things together for you that are starting right away for this newsletter, but will be adding more programs and ideas in the coming week.

☘️ShamROCK My Yard - We will be spreading some Irish cheer to your yards, similar to Candy Cane My Yard, in the two weeks leading up to St. Patty's Day. 

☀️While summer seems way too far off - it is almost time to start thinking about Summer Camp. We will be launching our Summer Camp and Preschool Guide next month!

🐰Easter is not as far off as you think - and we have lots planned. An Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt - with the partnership of local businesses for you to take the kids around town to some great prizes, our Annual Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt - including a visit from the Bunny and Easter Egg My Yard.

🌸Unfortunately, this year we weren't able to hold our Annual All About Kids Fair in February as usual. We are hoping to be able to hold this event later in the spring!

🌸Toms River Macaroni Kid is going to be working on some community service projects that we can't wait to share with you in the first half of the year.

📧Next month, we will also be sending out a survey, to find out what our families in the community would like from us, so please keep an eye out for that. We need your feedback to help make sure Toms River Macaroni Kid is the best resource we can be for our local families. 

📅Our event calendar is filling back up. There are lots of take home and virtual activities but also some great things going on at our local county parks!

🌳Speaking of parks - our local playground and park will be coming out in March!

We have so much great stuff planned that I need to get back to it! 

We hope your 2021 has gotten off to a better start than ours ...  but 🤞 it's smooth sailing from here on out! 

Your Toms River Macaroni Kid Publisher 

~ Melissa