5 tips to get your home Holiday-Ready!

from the owner of Arranged by Ashley

By Ashley Campanile December 7, 2020

2020 has been quite the year for all of us! With SO many things completely out of our control, it's my firm belief to do your best to focus on the things you can control, as a way to bring some sanity into our lives. For me, this always starts with my home! With the Holiday season upon us, it’s the perfect time to get rid of the old to bring in the new, and deck the halls with some holiday cheer!  

  1. Declutter your space! Go room by room & purge at least one item that you are not using! Donate to Goodwill or someone you know who can better make use of what you no longer need! Decluttering your home is a great way to start off the Holiday season which brings in not only new items, but typically a house full of guests. 
  2. Involve your child(ren) in purging their toys, but make it fun! Given this time of year, this is a big one! Put a basket under the tree and have them place donations in it for someone from the North Pole to pick up! It will entice them to make room for the new while teaching them to let go of what is no longer used so another child can get joy out of a gently used item! (We can even tell them this act scores bonus points with their Elf on the Shelf & Santa, Mom win!)

  3. Re-organize and purge your holiday decor. Start by laying out the seasonal decor you have, donate what you are no longer using, and label bins for easily putting away what you are keeping at the end of the season. 
  4. Do a deep clean of your whole house, and be sure to focus on guest areas. Hopefully, if 2020 allows, we will be able to share the Holiday with our close family members. Be sure that your guest bath and bedrooms are full of fresh linens & toiletries to make their stay a pleasant one.
  5. Have fun with holiday decor! The magic of the holiday season starts at home, so why not go all out with decor? We all need a little extra cheer this year (because 2020!) Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors other than the traditional red and green aesthetic. My current favorite is antique gold with splashes of natural wood, and LOTS of real & fake greenery around! Whatever your style is, just enjoy the decor process and only fill your space with pieces that bring joy and calm! 

Wishing all of the Macaroni Families a healthy and Happy Holiday and New Year!


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Ashley Campanile is the owner of Arranged by Ashley, a professional organization company based in New Jersey. She believes that everyone deserves a home that is a healthy mixture of beauty and function. She sets out to create this environment for each of her clients and their families. For more information, or to book a consultation, visit or call 609-489-1407!