Choosing A Summer Camp

By Susan Cowdrick, Ring Around The Rosie Preschool, Owner March 13, 2022

For us parents, summertime can present a tough dilemma. How do we keep our kids active?  We want them to get outside, play and have a chance to enjoy their vacation. We also want them to rest and recharge.  And don't forget, summer learning and thinking needed to keep them on track for when they head back to school. Summer Camp can be the perfect solution! Not only do our children retain the routine of going to school, but they don't even realize how much they are learning through fun activities while at camp. Remember, children learn best through PLAY!

Some things to think about while choosing a Summer Camp for your child.

Staff Qualifications
  • Making sure the staff has CPR, First Aid, AED certifications, as well as Child Development training. 
  • Is the younger staff supervised by a staff member who meets the state mandates? 
  • Student-teacher ratios should provide an adequate number of campers to staff. 
  • Has the staff cleared all background checks, references, and criminal record search? 
Communication Plan
  • Does the program offer a good communication plan? 
  • How will they notify you about upcoming events, field trips?
  • What if your child becomes sick or injured?
  • What items are needed for camp daily?
Values and Mission: 
  • Make sure you understand the program's values and mission. 
  • Check that the activities match both its goals and your child’s interest. 
  • Look for something educational but not merely an extension of school or daycare.
Always take your child with you when you go for a tour
  • Your child will feel better on the first day of camp if you are clear on all the details. 
  • Make sure all forms are processed beforehand too. 
  • Having your child with you gives them a concrete picture in their mind and can help with the first day jitters. 
  • Allow your child to help pack the items that they will need for camp. This will help them locate the needed items when the camp counselor asks for them.
Stay as calm as you can: 
  • The more you get worked up about leaving your child at camp, the more likely your child will pick up on your tension. 
  • If you are calm and happy and trust in the program you have picked, your child will stay calm and happy too.

The best programs focus on developing the whole child: Intellectually, Socially, Physically and Emotionally.

Susan Cowdrick is the owner of Ring Around the Rosie, a preschool in Island Heights.  Ring Around the Rosie is fully equipped with large classrooms, a spacious playground and age-appropriate toys. Their preschool learning program which combines fun and facts every day. They even offer extended-hours daycare so that the fun can continue in the mornings and after school.

Ring Around the Rosie  is conveniently located near Washington Street School in Toms River and is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.