Chestnut Hill Nursery School

A Rainbow of Opportunity for Each & Every Child

By Toms River Macaroni Kid April 4, 2018


As a Christian School, their educational philosophy is based on the belief that each child is unique. As such, each child learns and develops intellectually, emotionally and socially at his own rate and in his own style. Their goals are to develop the child's self-concept, guide the child in the joy of discovery and learning, and encourage the child to be independent and make good choices and decisions.


A variety of planned activities of free play, games, finger plays, drama, art, music, cooking, exercise, outdoor play, exposure to colors and shapes, days of the week, months of the year, alphabet and numbers will stimulate and encourage your child to think for himself and become more independent. Field trips will be taken throughout the year. Special guests will be brought into the school to further enhance the classroom experience. Time each month will be spent with the development of a theme to be included in the curriculum. Some examples: self-awareness, animals and their homes, community helpers, fire, safety, manners and seasonal units. 

A nutritious snack is served during each session. Children who choose the full day programs will be required to bring a lunch. A rest period is offered to all children enrolled in our full day programs.


Chestnut Hill Nursery School is located in the education wing of the First United Methodist Church. Rooms are brightly decorated and carpeted, some with bathrooms. Our outdoor fenced play yard is equipped wit ha free truck, sandbox, swings and climbing equipment to provide fun and develop growing muscles.


The on-site director, teachers, and assistants are qualified in accordance with the State of New Jersey, Department of Children & Families. Parents are welcome to come and observe. Parent-teacher conferences are held yearly and child-development related meetings are held throughout the year.

For further information about Chestnut Hill Nursery School's program call 732.286.9388 or visit their website.

Chestnut Hill Nursery School

129 Chestnut Street 

Toms River, NJ 08753